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HTC One XThe HTC One X has been showing some amazing performance. The device is arguably the best device unveiled at Mobile World Congress. And one of the factors HTC tried to emphasize the most in Barcelona was the device’s camera performance. We have already done a quick test, and the HTC One X won against a Galaxy Nexus. Further proving its capabilities, the guys from Soyasincau have decided to put it to the test against an Xperia S and a Galaxy Nexus, and the results are rather impressive.

The Xperia S happens to outperform the HTC One X at taking a picture straight from stand-by mode. But such result is mainly due to the fact that Sony’s smartphone has a dedicated camera button. One can simply press it and take a picture at any given time.


Having to unlock the device and access the camera app takes multiple more steps. But when the unlock factor is taken out of the equation, the HTC One X is clearly faster and better than the other high-end devices. Said smartphones are also very well known for camera performance, so this really makes the HTC One X ImageSense camera stand out from the crowd.

To see the multiple tests performed, simply go ahead and check out the video embedded below. But what do you guys think? Is camera performance that relevant to you? Are you getting you waiting to make this your next device?

[Source: Soyasincau]

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